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Friedel Kloke-Eibl

Friedel Kloke-Eibl
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Meditation of the Dance – Sacred Dance

It all started in the seventies with “Meditation of the Dance – Sacred Dance” whose founder, Bernhard Wosien, had been my teacher and mentor and with whom I worked closely for many years. Back then, B. Wosien intended an intensive two-year training. The Bavarian Ministry for Education and Culture praised his plan but they did not sponsor him. That is why I put his plan into practice. I started the world´s first Sacred Dance training at my Institute in the Netherlands (Demian Instituut in beweging) under Wosien´s patronage. He had often been a guest lecturer and speaker. I choreo­graphed the first dances under his strict supervision (eg. ´Freundschaftstanz´, ´Dornenkrone´, `MISA` etc.). Wosien was not the only person to give me the mission to continue the tradition of the master. He merely confirmed what has lived in my heart for a long time. Until now, me and my associates have trained more than 800 dance enthusiasts and accompanied them on their journey to become professional dancers of Meditation of the Dance – Sacred Dance.

Meditation of the Dance - Sacred Dance is a protected term and officially registered with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office under word and figurative mark document No. 397 08 508.

Dance teachers, who have completed the three-year training at the Ausbildungsinstitut, are entitled to teach and pass on their knowledge about the dances and choreographies. They are allowed to work with the acquired skills and contents and to use the terminology ´Meditation of the Dance – Sacred Dance. ´

However, this only applies if they attend advanced training for at least two weekends within two years.*

The dance teachers do not have a trainer´s license and are therefore not allowed to teach the dances and choreographies in advanced trainings.

All rights reserved and registered with INT.ASS. of Christian Artists, Section CADB / DANCE. This association represents their member´s interests in Germany and abroad.

*Official recognition of advanced trainings and workshops by Marianne Baumann, Marielle van Beek, Heidi Hafen, Carin Schreiber-Müller, Linde Steyer and Holger Ulatowski.

Qualified dance teachers will not only lead intensive seminars and advanced trainings in the future but they will also be increasingly involved in the training concept of the Ausbildungsinstitut. We plan to implement one base year after which a three-year training period follows. In this way, my dream and Bernhard Wosien´s idea come true. I can fulfil my mission of having my work continued by a team.

Contrary to all my good intentions, I have decided to carry out a three-year’s training course together with Saskia and this will really be the last time. Entitled for participation are dancers who have completed an intensive seminar with Saskia and me. If you are interested, please fill in the attached registration form and ask Gertrud Sorg.

Friedel Kloke-Eibel