Tanz der Frauen

Tanz der Frauen

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Choreography by F. Kloke-Eibl

In 1977 B. Wosien choreographed the dance cycle 'Pentagon'. (see CD MdT 12 Pentagon). 5 men danced a pentagram and 10 women a circle dance to the music piece “Douce Dame jolie”. When I listened more closely, I realized that the music has phrases of 4 and 5. What a gift. In my mind's eye I immediately saw geometric figures and shapes: circle, octagon, 8pointed-star, 5-star, pentagon, pentagram. For ancient philosophers, mathematics and geometry were a way to raise the eyes of the soul to the divine. Plato praises mathematics in the form of geometry as an incomparable means of "knowledge of always unchangeable being". The pentagram has an original reference to the symbol of the circle (wholeness). This is also evident in the relationship of man to eternity and to his divine origin and destiny. It was the symbol of Venus, both the planet and the goddess, and was already known to the Pythagoreans, since it was their secret identifier. The number five stands for awakening, light, love, growth, knowledge and humanity.

Our world is covered by darkness
and yet so much

Our world trapped in fear
and yet so much

Our world is wounded by violence
and yet so much

Our world is caught up in guilt
and yet so much

Our world freezes in cold
and yet so much danced

so much light and movement
so much salvation and liberation
so much joy danced
so much heaven on earth

We want to take reality not only intellectually, und also not just sensually, but with the whole body, with the possibilities of our movement, with the language of dance - hopefully also soon in a circle again, Because "dancing means above all communicating, uniting, meeting, talking to others from the depth of your own being." Maurice Béjart

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