Video "Licht des Herzens" - Please click on the image to view the video!
Veni lumen cordium – Licht des Herzens
Choreography by F. Kloke-Eibl

Many dancers were happy about the invitation for the 4-day Pentecost seminar – “Festival of the Enthusiasts”, but to our great regret, this dance event could not take place in the end, because we have not received any official permission.

What could the great event of that time still mean for us today? What is the secret behind Pentecost? The answer to this can be found in the Acts of Luke in the New Testament, where a meeting of the disciples of Jesus in Jerusalem is reported: "And when the day of Pentecost was fulfilled, they all sat together unanimously. The following describes how the power of the "Holy Spirit" sparked a flaming enthusiasm in the disciples and inspired them to step out and preach the Good News in a way that everyone, even people with a different mother tongue, understood and were touched in the heart (light of the heart).

What would be if people understood each other beyond the limits of their own language? Pentecost was once meant to be understood as a memory of the gift of all people with the "music" of the heart, which encompasses everyone, to understand and respect people worldwide and their different views and ways of life. Ruach (the Holy Spirit) brings about a new beginning. Pentecost is therefore not only the festival of the Holy Spirit, but even more the festival of enthusiasts who dare to set out, dancers who express themselves in a language that is certainly significantly older than the verbal language. Wonderful how eloquent dance and music are and how they can be "understood" directly from person to person. They bring people together and create a “communication miracle”.

Im Sonnengold

Video "Im Sonnengold" - Please click on the image to view the video!
Choreography: Saskia Kloke, to be found on the CD  „Im Gedankenlicht“.

ALL things give token of thee!
As soon as the bright sun is shining,
Thou too wilt follow, I trust.

When in the garden thou walk'st,
Thou then art the rose of all roses,
Lily of lilies as well.

When thou dost move in the dance,
'Then each constellation moves also;
With thee and round thee they move.

Night! oh, what bliss were the night!
For then thou o'ershadow'st the lustre,
Dazzling and fair, of the moon.

Dazzling and beauteous art thou,
And flowers, and moon, and the planets
Homage pay, Sun, but to thee.

Sun! to me also be thou
Creator of days bright and glorious;
Life and Eternity this!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I have often witnessed a sunset. But one evening the sun stood on the horizon like a big golden ball. This sunset surpassed all the sunsets I had ever seen. Speechless amazement seized me and I was overwhelmed by so much beauty.

I have roughly the same feelings when I dance "Im Sonnengold" to the beautiful Andante Veneziano played by Rondo Veneziano).

To the sun
More beautiful than the remarkable moon and her noble light,
More beautiful than the stars, the famous medals of the night,
More beautiful than the fiery entrance a comet makes,
And called to a part far more splendid than any other planet's
Because daily your life and my life depend on it, is the sun.

Without the sun even art takes the veil again,
You cease to appear to me, and the sea and the sand,
Lashed by shadows, take refuge under my eyelids.

Beautiful light, that keeps us warm, preserves us, marvellously makes sure
That I see again and that I see you again!

Nothing more beautiful under the sun than to be under the sun . . .