In the fire of dancing stillness

I want to draws your attention to the filmprojekt of Renata Keller:

Thisc documentary film will be telling the story of people who are forging a path of integrity and creativity whilst trying to understand and express something that one could call a ‘love and passion for life’ in our practical, political and social life.

CD + TB Esperanza – Meditation des Tanzes 15

Dances and Choreographies by Friedel Kloke-Eibl und Saskia Kloke

One world, one mind, Solve me lucto, Esperanza, Roaming (Der Pfad), Rainbow, Neumond (Crescent moon), Prayer of the Mothers, I am a Festival, Allahu Achat (God is love), Give us peace, Amen, Adieu Soleil

Bestell-Nr.: 201800
Set: CD + Dance description booklet in German Language: 25,00 €

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